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» @Chase - Meeting the twins


Since Maya had returned she quickly got set in her usual routines and it was difficult for her to match her schedule up with everyone else’s, so she hadn’t really had the time to catch up with everyone.

In Chase’s case it was completely understandable, he was now married and had kids. Everyone was moving on with their lives and it made Maya feel even lonelier.

Today she was going to meet Chase, and the twins for the first time. She had also brought him a fruit-basket from the inn as a gift. After reaching his house, she knocked on his door.

The door opening, a rather short frame appeared in comparison to the usual tall one that’d show up. But the similarities showed, as the younger boy shared the same ginger hair and freckled face as the man she had been expecting. Seeing as how he didn’t know this woman, the boy shuffled, looking over his shoulder and yelling, “Papa! Someone’s at the door!”

And soon enough, Papa did come to the door. Chase was mostly concerned that his son was opening doors for strangers, but seeing Maya, he was happy to see a familiar face. And one he liked, nonetheless. “Maya, it’s nice to see you! Oh- did you bring us something?” he asked, spotting the basket. He was curious, but didn’t want her just standing out there any longer. “Here, come in,” he suggested, gesturing for her to do so. 

» Muffy&Chase♡ || Ice Skating


"Hehe, whatever you say.♥" Muffy giggled, accepting both of his hands into her own.

From the tension coiled inside of his fingers, it was almost automatic how she could sense his nervousness. The blonde may have placed him on the spot, but it was interesting to see how this routine will go. Slowly but surely, with awkward steps such as a penguin, she guided him into the middle of the river. Emerald eyes glanced up at his gorgeous eyes, watching how they scattered from side to side.

"Are you ready?♥ Let us begin to move slowly, pretend your a gazelle. Graceful~." She assured him, beginning to pace grudgingly across the thickened ice. But before she knew it, the two of them stumbled down on their bottoms. They’re yelling timbeeer.

Oliver and Mary-Kate rushed out onto the ice, slipping occasionally along the way to check on them. Meanwhile, Muffy was laughing loudly at their little mistake skating.

Chase huffed, “Yeah, whatever I say-wh-woah-” He fumbled, gripping her wrists as his knees buckled from the lack of solidity. Even holding onto her, his feet wiggled around till he could finally find some sort of balance; though it was from Muffy being there. When his eyes finally stopped darting and focused on hers, it at least gave him some hope that he’d be fine. She always knew how to do that. 

"I, uh, I guess so. I’ve never really seen a gazelle, but uhm- ah-!" He gripped again, his only concern as they began to move being his vertical standpoint. But so far, his feet were gliding. Slowly, but it was for sure. It wasn’t as bad as he thought it would be- better even. The cool air, the glide of his feet, maybe he had just been too nervous before. Smiling, he looked up to her, "You know, this is actually pretty ni-" Timbeeerrr.

The moment his balance fell and he felt his butt hit the ice, sending a shock through the rest of his body, his smile faded and his body instantly returned to its stiff, reclusive position. Letting out a long, painful sigh, he crossed his arms over his chest and looked her straight in the eye.

"…I told you so." He grumbled, turning back and helping the twins along to their parents.

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Toby was blissfully fishing off of the bridge in Flute Fields, and getting quite a few fish. They were good enough to make up some lunch as well as supper. He started to daydream a bit as he fished, until he heard someone coming along. He smiled at seeing Chase, the chef that works at the bar. "Nice day today," he called out.

Chase had just been done with his weekly forest visit, as it was a prime place to get fresh herbs without burning out his wallet, before he heard a voice speaking to him. Looking over, he realized it was from Toby; someone he saw around now and then. From what Chase saw, he was a kind man.

"Good morning, Toby." He greeted, walking up the bridge, "Yes, it really is a nice day. It’s been warming up, thank goodness." Chase really was just sick of the cold by now. Noticing the fishing pole, he looked down and scanned the river, curious. "Anything biting today?"

» Smells amazing! @chasebannock


After days of travel, Leon had finally come across a quaint little town. Unlike Selphia, which is a much more rural area, this town gave off a more progressive style— something that the fox wasn’t really familiar with. He mindlessly wandered down the path until a rather tantalizing aroma filled his nose. He hummed and followed the scent to a bar, which he slowly entered on a whim— he just had to find out what that smell was.

A bell rung upon his entrance, which made his ears twitch as he looked around the establishment. 


"…Interesting." His curios gaze shifted from table to ceiling.

It wasn’t unusual for Chase not to check the door for every customer that came in, as he was known for getting much too into his culinary work to notice the outside world. But as more dishes were served and the heat of the oven left his system, he gave himself a chance to look at the bar’s activity. When rather odd fashion choices and…were those real ears?- blocked his view, he found himself more confused than he planned to be today. 

"…Can, uh, can I help you, sir?" he stammered, wiping his hands clean with his apron as he walked from behind the bar counter.


The salty, metallic taste of blood sliding off her lip alerted her to too much pressure from her teeth, and she resigned to simply prodding the split with her tongue. She tiptoed to the small table and sat as he commanded. Splotches reminiscent of stains dotted the floor and assorted fabrics around the room… He probably had children, or maybe a dog. Dogs are all sorts of trouble… Like children. His hands moved too quickly for her to earn a glance at a possible wedding band.

Perhaps he was right; she could’ve marched into any other house. But that other one looked too sparkly from her view through the windows, and unpleasantly raised voices echoed out of that farmhouse a bit down the path. Besides, she was hungry. And walking all the way back to Harmonica was out of question. An honest answer seemed in order, this time. “I was hungry, and this was the closest house I felt like going to,” she replied, hands folded in her lap, eyes wandering.

Chase’s face furrowed, confused, but willing to accept her words for now. He supposed it didn’t matter how she got here, as long as she left by the day’s end. “…Alright.” He mumbled, going about his work. 

When the thought of how quiet it was passed his mind, he found himself scared by it. He had given up ‘quiet’ years ago, though involuntarily. And while there were other reasons for that, there were a specific two that he could think of right off the bat. And they were usually loud. Knowing they were in the house, he stopped, trying to hear for them. “…Kids?”  ”Daddy!”

As if on cue, the twins ran their little legs to their father, reacting to his call. They usually did, but Chase was still happy that they followed his directions anyway. “Just wanted to check up on you all, thank you. Were you playing?” Chase listened to his daughter ramble on as he finished up the meal, sliding the plate in front of the girl. “This was what you wanted, yes?” he asked, making sure that she was satisfied with it. 

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