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Hello Sunshine☀ || Muffy & Chase


"Oh you.~♥" Muffy giggled charmingly, batting her eyelashes tipped with mascara. Bringing an innocent smirk unto her face, she leaned forward to his ear and whispered softly, "Is it working? ♪" Returning to in front of his face, she smooched him back before breaking the link between their lips. Over time of the two in a relationship, his kissing skills have improved nicely.

Turning towards the figure sprinting in the corner of her eye, she widened her emerald eyes to her hyper son running at them. It was so cute how excited he was to the point of not beginning his sentence. When he mentioned the island, Muffy whelmed with ecstasy inside of her. Holding his hand gently, she speed-walked to the railing alongside Chase.

"Oh my…" Her mouth fell ajar at the beauty of the island. It was either like a dream, or she didn’t get out much. Either way, she wrapped her arms around Chase’s waist and held him closely. "It’s beautiful! Just like I remember… ♥"


Chase turned simultaneously with his wife to look at their son, but he couldn’t hold in a chuckle at the poor thing’s excitement; he looked like he could just burst from pure joy. Even the pull he was giving on his father’s hand was quite the amount strength for someone that small, though not enough to actually pull him out of his seat. Chase’s desire to see whatever wonder Oliver was seeing was enough to make him get up, walking along with his wife and son to the railing. 

When his eyes met with the land, ‘Oh my’ was right, the little island was even more beautiful than he remembered! The wind blowing his hair back, the bright blue waters, even bluer skies, he felt even more excited than the first time he visited. And for Chase, being excited for beaches wasn’t something he did often. 

Feeling Muffy’s arms around him, he rested his own over hers and smiled. “It really is…we’ll have to take them by the beach, for sure. Take them out into the shore to swim- or, well, I’ll try. You know how I am with swimming.” he said, grimacing. 

Hello Sunshine☀ || Muffy & Chase


Muffy nodded as well, giggling rather excessively at a memory from their honeymoon. “Oh yes, I do know that~. ♪” Her memory was foggy, however, all she remembered was the fact she may have drank an extra cocktail than recommended. Chase told her the story the next day, explaining how easygoing Pascal was. She began to calm down, leaning forward with her chin on her fist and her elbow on her thigh.

At the tease, she giggled cutely again, rubbing her nose with his playfully before pecking his lips softly. “I’m just looking at the most handsome face I have ever met. ♥”

"Psh." Chase rolled his eyes, a bashful smile spreading across his face. "You’re only saying that to butter me up." But then again, she was good at that. And he was very weak to her wiles. So he smooched her back, sweetly. 

It was then where he noticed his son running over to him in excitement, so hyped up he could barely start his sentence. Chase laughed, turning to face him so the little thing wouldn’t explode from trying to speak. “What is it, Oliver?”  ”The island- I can see it, come see, come see!” He exclaimed, grabbing his father and mother’s hand and pulling with all his might. “You gotta see it!”

Hello Sunshine☀ || Muffy & Chase


Giggling amorously at the interruption of his fatherly stare, she sat down cozily and clasped one of his hands inside of hers. Smooth, glossy hands embraced in rough, broad hands; just like the movies. ♥ “Yes, it has been that long. It almost feels like it was yesterday… either that, or this is all too familiar.” She giggled fairly more, waving her face to move some locks from her vision. It almost did feel like yesterday… she frequently reminisced those times.

Her eyes wandered from his amethyst eyes to the children, thinking of the children running around on the boat. “I’m relieved Pascal is lenient with the kids. I’m very thankful for him taking us out there.” Returning her face aiming at him, she simply smiled in delight. Although he was focused on Oliver and Mary-Kate, she consumed this time to admire the gorgeous face she married…

Chase nods, “He’s lenient with…most everything.” He chuckled, “But yes, I’m thankful too. I’ll be sure to give him a thank you from all of us.” He chimed, turning to watch the twins again. They were by the deck, looking longingly at the sea and yelling orders at each other, pretending to be what he guessed were sea captains. Cute. By now the boat should be near the island soon, maybe he’d play along with them when they get there…

From the corner of eye he caught of glimpse of Muffy’s stare and grinned, turning his head to face her. “And what are you looking at?” he teased.

Hello Sunshine☀ || Muffy & Chase


Muffy tilted her head back and gazed across the horizon. Sunshine enlightened the ocean waters, offering a special glow hovering atop the waves. Underneath the lowest level of railing, she dipped her feet into the crystallized sea. A chilly thrill surged throughout her leg, causing her to bring it back up onto the boat. After releasing a content sigh, the golden blonde swayed around and watched her family.

Chase was sitting cozily on one of the available beach chairs aimed towards the body of water. Oliver and Mary-Kate scurried against the borders of the deck, admiring the vast space of their surroundings. How delightful. ♥

"Are you excited?♪" She strolled to the chair adjacent to her husband, pecking him on the cheek. "This is just like our honeymoon… I hope the children will enjoy it."

The air was refreshing, the sound of waves crashing against the boat calming, the smell of seasalt exciting…but Chase’s mind was focused, as usual. It had always been a little hard for him to relax; even more so after having the twins. Even from the moment he stepped on board the boat he made sure his children were in sight, in fear they’d…fall off the boat, or something as equally horrible. It was times like these where he’d recall Muffy telling him he worried too much, but surely, he was just fine. In his mind, anyway.

His wife’s kiss broke his fatherly stare, but at least it was a pleasant thing to come back to when he was in such a trance. “Hm? Oh, yes, I’m very excited. It has been a while since we’ve been back there…has it really been since our honeymoon?” Time really did fly. They had their first honeymoon in order to have break from the pregnancy and two crying newborns, and look at them now. So grownup…yeesh, he was sounding like his mother.

Sitting up in his chair, he took a glance at their children, “I think they’ll like it. They’re having a grand ol’ time just on the boat, I think they’ll enjoy the island as well.” He said, chuckling. Maybe it was just the wonder of being young, but the twins did seem to find something fun anywhere. Just thinking about what’d they do once on the beaches made him laugh. 


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@Chase - Meeting the twins


Since Maya had returned she quickly got set in her usual routines and it was difficult for her to match her schedule up with everyone else’s, so she hadn’t really had the time to catch up with everyone.

In Chase’s case it was completely understandable, he was now married and had kids. Everyone was moving on with their lives and it made Maya feel even lonelier.

Today she was going to meet Chase, and the twins for the first time. She had also brought him a fruit-basket from the inn as a gift. After reaching his house, she knocked on his door.

The door opening, a rather short frame appeared in comparison to the usual tall one that’d show up. But the similarities showed, as the younger boy shared the same ginger hair and freckled face as the man she had been expecting. Seeing as how he didn’t know this woman, the boy shuffled, looking over his shoulder and yelling, “Papa! Someone’s at the door!”

And soon enough, Papa did come to the door. Chase was mostly concerned that his son was opening doors for strangers, but seeing Maya, he was happy to see a familiar face. And one he liked, nonetheless. “Maya, it’s nice to see you! Oh- did you bring us something?” he asked, spotting the basket. He was curious, but didn’t want her just standing out there any longer. “Here, come in,” he suggested, gesturing for her to do so. 

Muffy&Chase♡ || Ice Skating


"Hehe, whatever you say.♥" Muffy giggled, accepting both of his hands into her own.

From the tension coiled inside of his fingers, it was almost automatic how she could sense his nervousness. The blonde may have placed him on the spot, but it was interesting to see how this routine will go. Slowly but surely, with awkward steps such as a penguin, she guided him into the middle of the river. Emerald eyes glanced up at his gorgeous eyes, watching how they scattered from side to side.

"Are you ready?♥ Let us begin to move slowly, pretend your a gazelle. Graceful~." She assured him, beginning to pace grudgingly across the thickened ice. But before she knew it, the two of them stumbled down on their bottoms. They’re yelling timbeeer.

Oliver and Mary-Kate rushed out onto the ice, slipping occasionally along the way to check on them. Meanwhile, Muffy was laughing loudly at their little mistake skating.

Chase huffed, “Yeah, whatever I say-wh-woah-” He fumbled, gripping her wrists as his knees buckled from the lack of solidity. Even holding onto her, his feet wiggled around till he could finally find some sort of balance; though it was from Muffy being there. When his eyes finally stopped darting and focused on hers, it at least gave him some hope that he’d be fine. She always knew how to do that. 

"I, uh, I guess so. I’ve never really seen a gazelle, but uhm- ah-!" He gripped again, his only concern as they began to move being his vertical standpoint. But so far, his feet were gliding. Slowly, but it was for sure. It wasn’t as bad as he thought it would be- better even. The cool air, the glide of his feet, maybe he had just been too nervous before. Smiling, he looked up to her, "You know, this is actually pretty ni-" Timbeeerrr.

The moment his balance fell and he felt his butt hit the ice, sending a shock through the rest of his body, his smile faded and his body instantly returned to its stiff, reclusive position. Letting out a long, painful sigh, he crossed his arms over his chest and looked her straight in the eye.

"…I told you so." He grumbled, turning back and helping the twins along to their parents.

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